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Book Index

Part 1 Population Based and Quantum Search Algorithms 1

Chapter 1
Two Population-Based Heuristic Search Algorithms and Their Applications 3
Weirong Chen, Chaohua Dai and Yongkang Zheng

Chapter 2
Running Particle Swarm Optimization on Graphic Processing Units 47 Carmelo Bastos-Filho, Marcos Oliveira Junior and Débora Nascimento

Chapter 3
Enhanced Genetic Algorithm for Protein Structure Prediction based on the HP Model 69 Nashat Mansour, Fatima Kanj and Hassan Khachfe

Chapter 4
Quantum Search Algorithm 79
Che-Ming Li, Jin-Yuan Hsieh and Der-San Chuu

Chapter 5 Search via Quantum Walk 97
Jiangfeng Du, Chao Lei, Gan Qin, Dawei Lu and Xinhua Peng

Part 2 Search Algorithms for Image and Video Processing 115 Balancing the Spatial and Spectral Quality

Chapter 6 Search Algorithms for Image and Video Processing 115 Balancing the Spatial and Spectral Quality of Satellite Fused Images through a Search Algorithm 117 Consuelo Gonzalo-Martín and Mario Lillo-Saavedra

Chapter 7 Graph Search and its Application in Building Extraction from High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery 133 Shiyong Cui, Qin Yan and Peter Reinartz

Chapter 8 Applied Extended Associative Memories to High-Speed Search Algorithm for Image Quantization 151 Enrique Guzmán Ramírez, Miguel A. Ramírez and Oleksiy Pogrebnyak

Chapter 9 Search Algorithms and Recognition of Small Details and Fine Structures of Images in Computer Vision Systems 175 S.V. Sai, I.S. Sai and N.Yu.Sorokin

Chapter 10 Enhanced Efficient Diamond Search Algorithm for Fast Block Motion Estimation 195 Yasser Ismail and Magdy A. Bayoumi

Chapter 11 A Novel Prediction-Based Asymmetric Fast Search Algorithm for Video Compression 207 Chung-Ming Kuo, Nai-Chung Yang, I-Chang Jou and Chaur-Heh Hsieh

Chapter 12 Block-Based Motion Vector Estimation Using FUHS16, UHDS16 and UHDS8 Algorithms for Video Sequence 225 S. S. S. Ranjit

Part 3 Search Algorithms for Engineering Applications 259

Chapter 13 Multiple Access Network Optimization Aspects via Swarm Search Algorithms 261 Taufik Abrão, Lucas Hiera Dias Sampaio, Mario Lemes Proença Jr., Bruno Augusto Angélico and Paul Jean E. Jeszensky

Chapter 14 An Efficient Harmony Search Optimization for Maintenance Planning to the Telecommunication Systems 299 Fouzi Harrou and Abdelkader Zeblah

Chapter 15 Multi-Objective Optimization Methods Based on Artificial Neural Networks 313 Sara Carcangiu, Alessandra Fanni and Augusto Montisci

Chapter 16 A Fast Harmony Search Algorithm for Unimodal Optimization with Application to Power System Economic Dispatch 335 Abderrahim Belmadani, Lahouaria Benasla and Mostefa Rahli

Chapter 17 On the Recursive Minimal Residual Method with Application in Adaptive Filtering 355 Noor Atinah Ahmad

Chapter 18 A Search Algorithm for Intertransaction Association Rules 371
Dan Ungureanu

Chapter 19 Finding Conceptual Document Clusters Based on Top-N Formal Concept Search: Pruning Mechanism and Empirical Effectiveness 38 Yoshiaki Okubo and Makoto Haraguchi

Chapter 20 Dissimilar Alternative Path Search Algorithm Using a Candidate Path Set 409 Yeonjeong Jeong and Dong-Kyu Kim

Chapter 21 Pattern Search Algorithms for Surface Wave Analysis 425
Xianhai Song

Chapter 22 Vertex Search Algorithm of Convex Polyhedron Representing Upper Limb Manipulation Ability 455 Makoto Sasaki, Takehiro Iwami, Kazuto Miyawaki, Ikuro Sato, Goro Obinata and Ashish Dutta

Chapter 23 Modeling with Non-cooperative Agents: Destructive and Non-Destructive Search Algorithms for Randomly Located Objects 467 Dragos Calitoiu and Dan Milici

Chapter 24 Extremal Distribution Sorting Algorithm for a CFD Optimization Problem 481 K.Yano and Y.Kuriyama

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